Boundary determinations

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We will continue to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the State cadastre through:

  • Providing independent decisions on the location of disputed boundaries.
  • Conducting audits of registered plans to assess and measure, in the field, a plan’s or registered surveyor’s compliance with the relevant acts, regulations and guidelines. After a plan is registered it may be subject to a field audit by surveyors from the Office of the Registrar General (ORG). ORG undertakes audits in Sydney and regional NSW.

Boundary determination

Part 14A Real Property Act 1900 empowers the Registrar General to resolve boundary disputes. If two independent Registered Surveyors disagree on the location of a common boundary, an affected landholder can, for a fee, make an application to the Registrar General to resolve the disputed boundary issues.

The application may be made only by or on behalf of:

  • an owner of land on either side of the boundary
  • a purchaser under a contract for sale of land on one side of the boundary who has paid the purchase price in full or obtained the owner’s consent or
  • a public or local authority or the head of a government department.

For more information, see How to lodge an application for a boundary determination Information sheet published by the Office of the Registrar General, and Application for boundary determination page on the Registrar General's Guidelines website. The application must be lodged in person at the NSWLRS Sydney office. Download the Determination of Title Boundary form from the NSWLRS website.

Audit procedures

Each plan lodged for registration at NSWLRS undergoes a desktop examination by plan examiners of NSWLRS to ensure the plan complies with all relevant acts and regulations. After the plan is registered the plan may be subject to a field audit, undertaken by ORG surveyors to assess its regulatory compliance.

Download the Audit Survey Procedures.