Digital survey plans

The Government is collaborating with NSW Land Registry Services (NSW LRS), industry and other stakeholders to improve customer service, timeliness, quality, governance and transparency for the plan registration process.

Digital survey plans review

Plans prepared by surveyors for the creation of new land parcels and strata titles in NSW form the bridge between the planning process for land development and the land titles system. The current process of preparing a plan, gathering endorsements and registration is predominantly paper based and inefficient. A new approach to digital survey plans is needed to realise efficiencies and deliver improved customer outcomes that meet the expectations of the community.

Grosvenor Performance Group has been selected to undertake an intensive phase of engagement with land surveyors and other related professional groups and stakeholders. The review will document lessons learnt from initiatives undertaken to date, analyse stakeholder perspectives and perceptions and assess successful implementations interstate and overseas. At the end of the review, a report will be produced that includes recommendations for a pathway to 100% digital survey plans in NSW.

An industry consultative committee has been established to provide advice and guidance as the review progresses. The committee consists of representatives from the following organisations:

  • Association of Consulting Surveyors NSW
  • Association of Accredited Certifiers
  • Australian Bankers Association
  • Australian Institute of Conveyancers NSW
  • Institution of Surveyors NSW
  • Law Society of NSW
  • Local Government Professionals NSW
  • NSW Department of Customer Service
  • NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
  • NSW Land Registry Services
  • Owners Corporation Network
  • Planning Institute of Australia NSW Division
  • Property Council of Australia NSW Division
  • Sydney Water Corporation

For further information, please contact the Digital Survey Plans Program.

Hybrid capture-on-demand project

The Office of the Registrar General together with Department of Customer Service Spatial Services and NSW LRS, have commenced the hybrid capture-on-demand project. Hybrid capture-on-demand increases the utilisation of digital survey plans for plan examination to reduce the prevalence of errors in registered plans.

The project utilises an existing service provider engaged by NSW Spatial Services to convert plan images lodged with NSW LRS into a digital format, landXML, to support plan examination. Upon plan registration, digital data is returned to NSW Spatial Services, rather than data capture through the service provider occurring at that point.

A trial project in 2018 found that increased use of digital survey plans for plan examination reduced the average number of requisition cycles between NSW LRS and registered surveyors, decreased errors on registered plans and minimised the need for plan amendments after registration. Please find more information on the Capture on Demand Analysis document. It is also expected that hybrid capture-on-demand will support more effective regulatory activities to improve the quality of survey plans lodged by registered surveyors.