All residual documents to be available electronically by October 2020

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Over the past few years, the NSW Government has been working to transition conveyancing into the digital age. From 1 July 2019, all Mainstream Dealings were required to be lodged electronically. This mandate has been a great success, with almost all of these Mainstream Dealings now lodged electronically.

There are over 100 dealings that currently can only be lodged in paper, known as residual documents. These residual documents make up approximately 10% of all dealings lodged with NSW Land Registry Services. By October 2020, all residual documents will be available for electronic lodgment. The residual documents will be released in five batches from April to October 2020. The content of each batch is based on the volume of lodgments, with similar types of documents to be released in the same batch.

The Schedule of eDealings page will be updated as soon as each new document is released. Information about the proposed dates of release and the content of each batch will be made available on this page soon.

The Registrar General’s Guidelines will also be updated as each residual document becomes available electronically.

The Office of the Registrar General will allow time for industry to use the electronic documents and provide feedback as to whether they are fit for purpose before making any decision to mandate. If and when the Registrar General considers it appropriate to issue a mandate, at least 90 days’ notice will be provided in accordance with the Conveyancing Rules.