New guides for strata scheme changes

Publish date:

NSW Land Registry Services (NSW LRS) has released new guides to assist Owners and Owner Corporations with changes to strata schemes.

These new guides will help Owners and Owners Corporations to change elements of the scheme to better suit the needs of its residents. Customers can easily find information on topics such as updating a property address, changes to by-laws and use of common property areas, through to registering new plans to consolidate lots or reallocate car spaces.

The new one-stop-shop for changes to strata schemes can be found on the NSW LRS website.

Where changes to a scheme occur after registration of the strata plan and commencement of the scheme, NSW LRS may require registration of a new plan or dealing for these changes to be recorded and deemed to have ‘taken effect’.

The Registrar General’s Guidelines has more information about the actions that can be undertaken after the scheme has commenced.