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A person who is not satisfied with the decision of NSW Land Registry Services (NSW LRS) made in the exercise of a titling and registry function may apply to the Office of the Registrar General under section 121 of the Real Property Act 1900 for a review of that decision (Administrative Review).

A person may only apply for an Administrative Review if:

  • the person has requested an internal review of the decision by NSW LRS, and
  • NSW LRS has notified the person of the outcome of that internal review or the person has not, within 21 days of the lodgment of that request (or such other period as NSW LRS and person agree on), been notified of the outcome of that internal review.

How to apply for an Administrative Review

Complete, print and sign the application for administrative review form. All fields must be completed and you must identify the reasons why a review of NSW LRS’s decision is being sought. Please ensure you have read the administrative review information sheet before completing your application.

Attach to the completed Application form all documentation and evidence in support of the Application.

Pay the Application fee: Attach to your Application a cheque or money order for $277.00, payable to the ‘Office of the Registrar General’. You may also attend to payment by bank deposit and provide a copy of your payment confirmation with your Application.

Account Name: DFSI Operating Account

BSB: 032 001

Account Number: 206 525

Please use the Applicant’s surname as payment reference.

Post your completed Application and all attachments noted above to:

Attention: Administrative Reviews
Office of the Registrar General
McKell Building
2-24 Rawson Place
Sydney NSW 2000

When we may decline to review a decision

We may not accept your Application for Administrative Review in some cases. A review will be declined if:

  • application has not first been made to NSW LRS for an Internal Review of the decision;
  • the decision is not one made by NSW LRS in the exercise of a titling or registry function; and/or
  • the Applicant fails to provide any information in support of the Application.

If we decline to review a decision, the Application for Administrative Review will be returned to the Applicant at the postal address provided.